advertising: creative strategy

NATURA EKOS: A highly loved brand losing market. 

Natura is the largest cosmetic producer in Latin America with a sales force of about 2 million consultants.  The brand is admired for its business model based on sustainable extraction of natural ingredients and social development of the communities involved in the extraction. 

Ekos is considered the main subbrand at natura's portfolio. It brings to life the main core values and beliefs of Natura company. However, for the last year Ekos sales have been dropping dramatically.


To understand the reasons why Ekos is losing market share, despite being an extremely admired brand, and come up with a creative strategy to address the challenge. 




From the market:

  • The brand communication wasn't aligned with the beauty category codes.
  • More and more technology is valued by consumers as a guarantee of the product efficiency.

Consumer insight:

  • "I love to use natural cosmetics. The problem is that they don’t work”.
  • Consumer activism: a growing movement that believes in the act of consuming products as a way of supporting a cause.



1. Emphasize a virtuous circle of beauty generation and place the consumer as a important part of the process.

2. Reinforce the endorsement of master brand Natura as a guarantee of technology and efficiency.



tagline: Beauty creates beauty