Considered the most successful online business ever founded in Brazil, Buscapé was created by engineering students, in 1998, as a price comparison website. By 2009, Buscapé had bought other 22 e-commerce companies in Brazil and Latin America and it was acquired by Naspers for $342 million.

the challenge

To create a master brand to the biggest e-commerce company in Brazil, reaffirm its positioning as the go-to when making a purchasing decision and to develop a smart brand architecture, organising the relationship between Buscapé brand and the acquired brands.


the project 

We worked for 8 months, held 22 interviews and formed 7 Branding Committees until we reached the final result: A consistent strategy and an organisation of its portfolio with clear roles for strategic Brands and Sub-Brands.

One of the biggest challenges was to turn the new headquarters of Buscapé Company in Sao Paulo into one of the Brand’s assets. A motivating, creative and essentially simple environment. Without changing the office’s architecture, we transformed the location’s appearance, including attributes of the Buscapé Company Brand and selected tweaks to the signage, communication and furnishings.



new master brand

new master brand

  • Naming & logo
  • Brand Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Decision Tree
  • Verbal & Visual Identity
  • Branded Environmental
  • Internal training
Brand Book: Brand Essence "Power to consumer"

Brand Book: Brand Essence "Power to consumer"

Environmental Branding: new headquarter in São Paulo

Environmental Branding: new headquarter in São Paulo