The world's best- selling vodka brand was planning to launch one of its products in Brazil. Besides the freshness attribute, the marketing team wasn't certain if the product would fit well into the local drinking culture.


the challenge

The challenge was to understand if the product was ready to go to the brazilian market and give directions about positioning, target, consumption occasion and pricing.



A qualitative research was designed (including online and offline methodologies) in order to understand consumer behaviour, from the purchase decision to consumption and product recommendation. Some of the phases were: 

. mission: consumers received a budget and an specific event to organise (barbecue, happy hour, etc)

. competitors & pricing: the aim was to create a real environment, the product was placed among existing competitors in an aisle of a supermarket. 



. interacting with the product & sharing experiences: videos and pictures describing experiences with the product.


The project brought up detailed recommendations not only about product positioning but also some required refinements: packaging, flavour, ingredients and method of preparation.