Up until a few years ago, the Brazilian card acquiring market had just two main players: Redecard and Visanet. In 2010, the government decided to change the rules allowing for new and international acquirers to enter the market. 


To transform a self-focused company with an annual revenue over US$150 bi into a desired client-focused brand.

Work Process

The project lasted almost one year involving co-creative sessions with C level,  workshops with manager level, mystery client research to track the customer journey, visits to call centers units and analysis of internal/external communication flow.

We structured the entire strategy for the launch, internal training courses, the company’s corporate environment and implementation of the brand. Much more than electronic payment methods, Rede proves that having a purpose and guiding one’s actions to achieve it creates value for businesses. 


Redecard became Rede, the portuguese word for network. The company's core business is to connect merchants, banks and consumers. And under this umbrella concept - CONNECT PEOPLE AND BUSINESS - brought light to many opportunities in service, product and communication. In addition, the new name prepared the company for a future where people are not using cards anymore, but instead a full range of payment technologies. 

Redesigning Service & Customer Journey

In order to deliver the new positioning, the company had to improve its service and customer journey. For over more than 4 months, the team visited call centers, analysed the interactions on the website, photographed pin-pads technicians, always using real clients to track critical moments of the service. 


In addition to winning IDEA Brasil awards for design and for branding strategy, Rede reached the 21st position in the ranking of the country’s most valuable brands.

Project Deliverables

  • Mission, Value and Purpose
  • Naming and logo
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Verbal & Visual Identity
  • Customer Journey redesign
  • Prototype new services and innovative pin-pads