i am a certified Service Design Sprint Master


Imagine working for 4 full days together with Consumers and clients regarding their business strategy. A sprint service design results in immediate, high-impact strategic changes in an sustainable way.



How to expand the services of an architectural office known for its strategic vision without creating an over-promise?


Ad agencies, branding consultancies, architecture offices…the frontiers on the creative market are disappearing. Today, we are all in the problem solving market. Innovation and solutions can come from anywhere, no matter the "supplier “ label.








Using a new methodology (Service design Sprint) a mixed group composed by external consultants and people from the client's team was created. 

The client's team was truly part of the whole project from research and ideation to recommendation phase.

As a result, the deliverables were not only the development of new services but also reorganisation of the current portfolio and repositioning the brand, as well as guiding the team through design thinking and research methodologies. 

The project ended up not only redesigning services, but also training the company to deal with future challenges.

Project Deliverables

  • Client profiling  
  • Brand Positioning and Brand Personality
  • Service Design & Portfolio